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(Ultimate Flow Optimizer)


The UFO is a simple, trouble free, aerodynamic piece that fits Mikuni carburetors from 30 mm through 44 mm. The UFO makes a normal round slide carburetor out-perform the more expensive flat slide carburetor by eliminating turbulence and increasing air flow and velocity, creating a highly atomized fuel charge. Normal gains are 3/4 to 1 HP per 100 cc of engine displacement. (Rejetting and tuning are required).


* More horsepower with less fuel
* Broader power band
* Explosive throttle response
* Superior fuel atomization
* Less sensitive to temperature, altitude and jetting changes
* Cleaner emissions
* Cooler running engine

Air Bleed Tuning Information

U.F.O. Air / Fuel Flow Diagram

Without the U.F.O., the air hits the forward wall of the slide cavity creating a rolling air turbulence which forces the poorly atomized fuel droplets to the lower portion of the carb bore resulting in poor fuel atomization and poor performance.


With the aerodynamic U.F.O. filling the slide cavity, the rolling air turbulence is eliminated.  The higher velocity air flow pulls the fuel further up the needle and higher in the carburetor bore resulting in superior fuel atomization.  This means more HP, quicker throttle response, improved fuel economy and a cooler running engine.

Air Bleed Tuning Information


Part No.


76-26282 Yamaha Banshee - Twin
76-32341 30 through 34 mm Carbs - Single
76-32342 30 through 34 mm Carbs - Twin
76-32343 30 through 34 mm Carbs - Triple
  Inside diameter of slide = 35mm
76-36001 36 mm Carbs - Ski-Doo only - Single
76-36002 36 mm Carbs - Ski-Doo only - Twin
76-36003 36 mm Carbs - Ski-Doo only - Triple
  Inside diameter of slide = 36mm
76-36381 36 mm Arctic Cat and All 38 mm Carbs - Single
76-36382 36 mm Arctic Cat and All 38 mm Carbs - Twin
76-36383 36 mm Arctic Cat and All 38 mm Carbs - Triple
76-40441 40 through 44 mm Carbs - Single
76-40442 40 through 44 mm Carbs - Twin
76-40443 40 through 44 mm Carbs - Triple
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