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  • Get all the horsepower to the ground, fast & easy, no guesswork

  • You can't buy a better clutch kit for any amount of money!

The Thunder Shift is the highest quality weight arm ever built!! The best engineering, materials, and production methods were employed to manufacture the TS. Fasteners are made from billet stock (no hardware store parts are used) with aircraft type locking patches on every fastener. The weight arms and fasteners meet strict weight requirements.  Each set of weight arms are perfectly matched to a tenth of a gram.

The Thunder Shift has routinely survived spin tests exceeding the RPM and stress limits of any clutch on the market without a single failure. Our testing as well as tests by leading magazines and tuners prove that where weight is placed has a dramatic effect of performance. TS offers many weight combinations while being easy to tune to perfection. Gain two to five sled lengths. It works!!

TS fits: Arctic Cat, Polaris, & Comet clutches; Quad Cam clutches Yamaha YXR clutches; and Ski-Doo TRA clutches. 


Thunder Shift

Heavy Hitter TS
Thunder Shift for Arctic Cat, Polaris, Comet, & Yamaha 
Thunder Shift for Ski-Doo TRA Clutch including
the NEW Thunder Shift Arms & Thunder Shift Rollers


Dave Trygstad:  "Thunder Shift Arms are one of the most valuable clutching components you can get!"  
Trygstad Motorsports - Rochester, MN

Glen Kafka:  "Thunder Shift Arms are a must for fine tuning with a multitude of adjustments."
Advanced Clutching - Stratford, WI

Guy Parquette:  "The Thunder Shift Arms sure made it a lot easier to go fast!"
Parquette Racing - Mosinee, WI

Jamie Bellman:  "The Thunder Shift Arms are the most user friendly clutching components I have ever seen."
Bellman Racing - Bremen, IN

John Wheelock:  "The Thunder Shift Arms make the TRA clutch a lot more tunable and consistant."
Pro Line Chassis - Pine Island, MN

Bill Cudney:  “The Thunder Shift Arms are the best bolt on product I’ve ever seen!”
Cudney Racing –
Blenheim , ON Canada

Dave Wahl:  “The Heavy Hitter works!”
Wahl Brothers Racing –
Greenbush , MN

Kurt Anderson:  “We like the range of adjustability that the Thunder Shift products offer.”
The Crank Shop –
Essex Junction, VT

Dale Fett:  “We use Heavy Hitters in all our clutch kits because they get the power to the track!”
Fett Brothers Performance –
Frazee , MN

Greg Goodwin:  “The Heavy Hitters adjustability and consistency is unsurpassed.”
Goodwin Performance –
Zion , IL

Randy Baker:  “Simply the best tunable weights in the industry!”
RB Specialties –
Alexandria , MN

Gary Drum: “The Heavy Hitters work every time, all the time!”
Maxximum Performance –
Cohocton , NY

Shane Zeppelin:  “Without a doubt, the Heavy Hitters are the best weights in the industry.”
Maximum Sled Magazine

Dale Cormican:  “The Heavy Hitters are the best working weights I have ever seen.”
C & A Pro - Mentor, MN

Jeff Meidinger:  “The only adjustable weight that allows you to control the whole shift pattern.”
Dakota Performance –
Wishek , ND

Duane Watt: “No other weight even comes close!”
Hi-Tech Performance –
Litchfield , MN

Jeff Simons:  “The Heavy Hitters are hands down the best weight we have tested!”
Simons C.P.R. - Richfield, WI

Tommy Hill:  “Without the Thunder Shift weights, we just couldn’t go this fast!”
World’s Fastest & Quickest ATV
1/4 mile 8.79 sec. (154 mph)
1/8 mile 5.1 sec (124 mph)

Jim Jolliffe:  “Great products with tech support to match!”
Belmont - Grand Rapids, MI


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