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Protect your headlight and give your sled a custom look at the same time with a lightshield from Sportech™! These attractive acrylic headlight covers are custom formed to precisely fit your sled's headlight and are available in custom colors for all the popular chassis from Polaris, Ski-Doo and Yamaha. Thumb your nose at the rocks, ice chunks or branches that have threatened your headlight in the past. They apply directly to the outside of your headlight with extra-strength Velcro™ tabs.

* WARNING: This product is NOT intended for night use. Please check your state and local laws before using your lightshield. Sportech Inc. shall not be held liable for any claims or accidents resulting from the misuse of this product

NEW Yamaha RX-1 Lightshield. Fits all versions of Yamaha's new heavy-hitter for '03, the RX-1. Available in tint #97-50447011 and blue #97-50447010. 

Yamaha Viper Lightshield. Fits all Viper chassis sleds, '02-'03. Available in three hot colors: blue #97-50437011; and black #97-50437010. 

Yamaha SRX Lightshield. Designed to work on '00-'03 Yamaha's using the dual beam headlight. Choose from black #97-50427010; blue #97-50427011; and tint #97-50427012. 

Yamaha SX Lightshield. Fits all SX chassis sleds, '97-'02. Available in: blue #97-50417010; and tint #97-50417012. 

NEW Ski-Doo REV Lightshield. Add a little extra spark to the radical new REV. Available in tint #97-50301010 and yellow #97-50301011. 

Ski-Doo ZX2 Lightshield. Fits all '02-'03 ZXs with split headlight design. Available in three hot colors: yellow #97-50327013; tint #97-50327012; and black #97-50327010. 

Ski-Doo ZX and CK3 Lightshield. Fits all ZX and CK3 chassis sleds. Available in yellow #97-50327018; tint #97-50327017; black #97-50327014; and blue #97-50327015. 

Polaris Edge Lightshield. Fits all Edge chassis sleds, '99-'03. Available in three hot colors: yellow #97-50157013; blue #97-50157011; and black #97-50157010. 

Polaris Gen II Lightshield. Fits all Gen II chassis sleds, '99-'03. Available in three hot colors: purple #97-50127012; blue #97-50127011; and black #97-50127010. 

Polaris Standard Indy Lightshield. The original. Fits all Standard Indy chassis from '88-'98. Available in red #97-50117016; blue #97-50117014; black #97-50117013; white #97-50117017; and purple #97-50117015. 

Polaris XCR 120 Lightshield. The perfect styling addition. Available in yellow #97-50167012 and blue #97-50167010. 

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