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>>Better By Design
Cobra™ Flared Windshields by Sportech are among the best selling snowmobile accessories on the market. Proof of this can be seen on the trails and racetracks across the country. If you are at all active in the sport of snowmobiling, you're going to see a lot of Cobras™. The reasons are really quite simple. First of all, Cobra™ Flared Windshields offer outstanding wind protection. That's how the whole Cobra™ product line got started. We were the first to introduce flared windshields that kept riders warm, and it remains the primary focus today. Secondly, we have always been of the belief that the windshield is the primary focal point on a snowmobile--it's the first thing people see when they check out your sled. So naturally, this key element should be a sleek, stylish and colorful component.

Perhaps the greatest endorsement for Cobra™ is approval from the snowmobile manufacturers. With OEM approval, Cobra™ has made a significant impact on the advancement of snowmobile windshields. The Cobra™ design has forever changed how snowmobile windshields are judged. We are truly flattered! And we will continue to break new ground with innovative and functional windshields for snowmobiles.

>>The Good Stuff
Cobra™ Flared Windshields are known throughout the industry as the best-looking, most durable windshields available. We use only premium, optical-grade virgin polycarbonate for a brilliant surface finish and distortion-free optics. And while our competitors consistently use the thinnest material possible in an effort to cut costs, we use only .080" polycarbonate, which is 20% thicker and much more durable.

The net result is a great looking, functional windshield designed to take the punishment snowmobilers are famous for delivering.

>>One Size Does Not Fit All
Because we all have different expectations from our riding experience, Cobra™ Flared Windshields are available in four sizes (high height, mid height, low height, and on certain models, extreme low height) to suit your individual riding style and desired level of wind protection. This measurement is defined as the rise from the point where the windshield meets the hood to the tallest point on the windshield.

>>Meeting the Demand
As a consumer, you are forever looking for the next cool thing. That one item that will set you apart from everyone else and help you to make a statement. Sportech has a reputation of strong creativity, innovation and vision. We've consistently brought new and exciting products to the after market. And for the 2002-2003 season, we've stepped it up again. We're proud to introduce the largest collection of new Cobras™ ever. We're offering you a full array of new windshields featuring graphics which compliment and enhance the look of your machine as well as our hot new Tint and Tint Chrome Series.

>>New Tint Series
These colorful see-through windshields offer awesome looks that compliment any sled, with the advantages of increased visibility through optical definition. This material actually improves your ability to spot bumps and navigate rough trails while providing the same wind protection and improved aerodynamics you've come to expect from Cobra™.

>>Cool New Tint Chrome Series
Looking for that extra flash to set your sled apart from all the others? We were the first to introduce chrome, and this year we've added hot new colored chromes to our line, available for select Polaris, Yamaha, and Ski-Doo models. Unlike other chrome windshields on the market, our chrome is achieved through an exclusive vacuum metalizing process which gives the windshield a brilliant mirrored finish that won't scratch or peel off.

>>Care for your Cobra™
Keep your new Cobra™ looking it's best for several seasons. The manufacturers of our polycarbonate recommend the use of a mild soap or detergent and warm water. We keep a case of Plexus brand plastic cleaner on hand for our fleet of test sleds. It's hard to beat a shot of Plexus wiped on with a soft cotton rag!


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