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>>NEW The FIRST handguard designed specifically with snowmobiles in mind. Now you can ride all day in thin gloves, without suffering from popcicle fingers! The premium aluminum mounting hardware allows these handguards to be infinitely adjustable. The kicker is, these things also work on virtually all ATVs and dirtbikes!

Color Hand Guards
Rev Yellow

The oversized design offers more protection than typical motocross-style guards. Speedguards are custom molded from super-tough HDPE material,* which is virtually unbreakable! Sold in pairs of chrome #97-50107023; black #97-50107017; blue #97-50107018; green #97-50107019; red #97-50107020; and yellow #97-50107021.

Premium aluminum hardware provides a rigid, fully adjustable fit for virtually every snowmobile, ATV and Dirt Bike made today.

>>TRULY adjustable snowmobile handlebar riser system offering increased bar height and full articulated radial adjustment.
>>NEW Articulating Bar Riser kit >>Bar riser pad >>A.B.R. pad >>Bar riser
Articulating Bar Riser kit. This is what other riser kits want to be when they grow up! This universal, billet aluminum handlebar riser kit will work on virtually every snowmobile made today. Features perfectly matched, CNC machined billet riser arms, bar clamps and chro-moly adapter bar for a tight, uncompromising fit on your bars. This kit raises your bars to a more comfortable position and allows you to adjust your bars radially to fit your riding style. 2" A.B.R. kit #97-40127010. 3" A.B.R. kit #97-40127011. 
(Shown Above)

Bar riser pad. Dress up those bars and protect your face at the same time. Low density foam wrapped in a cool water-proof vinyl cover. Must be used with the Sportech Bar Riser. #97-50107010. 

A.B.R. pad. Top off that cool A.B.R. with this moto-style pad. #97-50107022. 

Bar riser. This handlebar riser kit fits Polaris, Arctic Cat, Ski-Doo and Yamaha. Raising your handlebars increases control over rough terrain and puts your arms in a comfortable, more natural position. Featuring a perfectly matched, CNC machined billet aluminum mounting collar for a tight, uncompromising fit on your bars. Polaris/Arctic Cat 2" riser kit #40117010, 3" kit #97-40117011; Ski-Doo 2" riser kit #97-40317010; Yamaha 2" riser kit #97-40427010. MSRP 
(Shown Above)

>>45º short hook >>90º long hook >>Ultra Grips >>Non-Skid Foot Rest Pads
45º Short Hooks

45º short hook;                     black     #97-40107032           purple   #97-40107041              red       #97-40107042                 blue     #97-40107033                 yellow #97-40107043          green  #97-40107034. 

90º Long Hooks

90º long hook                        black    #97-40107035            purple   #97-40107038               red       #97-40107039                  blue      #97-40107036               yellow  #97-40107040          green   #97-40107037

Ultra Grips

Ultra Grips. Full coverage grips that cover your bars and hooks to provide a comfortable, clean-looking constant diameter grip surface. Fits all OEM bars and are compatible with stock hand warmers on Polaris, Arctic Cat and Ski-Doo. #97-40107031. 

Non-Skid Foot Rest Pads. Foot rest pads provide a safe, non-skid surface to keep feet in place, and eliminate paint wear from tunnel surface as well. Polaris black #97-50117010; Polaris purple #97-50117011; Ski-Doo (F-2000 and "S" Chassis) black #97-50317010; Ski-Doo purple #97-50317011; Arctic Cat (All ZR and ZRT) black #97-50221010; Arctic Cat purple #97-50221011; Yamaha (SX Chassis) black #97-50107015; Yamaha purple #97-50107016. 

Ultra Brake Levers. Better reach and increased leverage. Reduces required lever pressure by as much as 50%! A must if you're using hooks.

Brake Handles

Polaris standard brake system in black #97-40107010; purple #97-40107022; and red #97-40107023. Arctic Cat Wilwood/Polaris Magura systems in black #97-40107011; purple #97-40107012; and red #97-40107013. Ski-Doo Brembo systems in black #97-40107024; purple #97-40107025; and red #97-40107026. Yamaha hydraulic systems in black #97-40107027; purple #97-40107029; red #97-40107030; and blue #97-40107028.

Polaris/Hayes systems

Polaris/Hayes System: Gen II in blue #97-40107015, black #97-40107014, purple #97-40107016, and red #97-40107019; Edge in black #97-40107017, yellow #97-40107021, red #97-40107020, and blue #97-40107018. 

>>Trailer Tie-Down >>Tailbrite >>Chrome "Goochi" trim

Trailer Tie-Down Crank. Fits most popular snowmobile trailers with the screw-down style tie downs.2" diameter swivel handle allows for rapid tightening and improved leverage. Eliminates glove binding and knuckle-busting! Six inches of usable, zinc plated thread available in either 1/2-13" thread #97-60107012, or 3/4-10" thread for Sled Bed trailers #97-60107013 

Tailbrite. Fits all Polaris snowmobiles '74-current with traditional indy tailight. Black #97-50117018, Black #97-50117020, purple #97-50117019, blue #97-50117021 white       #97-50117022 red

Chrome "Goochi" trim. Custom chrome windshield trim for those who want a little more flash. Kit includes six feet of trim with adhesive. #97-50107011. 

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