Advanced Turbo Systems

Wastegate Turbine Housing
Ford Powerstroke from 1994-1997
Fuel delivery for the Powerstroke engine is computer controlled. The engine will not emit black smoke on acceleration. This is good for the environment and absences of soot and discoloration of towed vehicles is great. The down side to this is a large reduction in acceleration and drive-ability, and with an intercooler the volume of air that needs to be pressured is even greater causing slower acceleration. The best way to bring acceleration and drive-ability back to the drivers is to introduce more air quicker at low engine speeds. ATS accomplishes this task with our new Wastegate Turbine Housing.

The quick response Wastegate Turbine Housing for the 1994 1997 Powerstroke is unique in design and function. The unit has an external adjustable wastegate that is accessible and easy to adjust. Exhaust gasses pass through a separate chamber and advance through a wastegate valve before entering the scroll, or volute section of the turbine housing. This maintains exhaust gas velocity for faster turbine spin up and throttle response, and it alleviates back-pressure. It gives an 8 to 12 horsepower increase to the rear wheels. The Wastegate Turbine Housing is a true bolt-on replacement part. For city and mountainous driving, throttle response is excellent.

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