ATS Diesel TripleLok Torque Converter for Duramax Powered GMC and Chevy Trucks

With the Duramax, GMC has introduced an engine that is capable of producing incredible amounts of power and torque. ATS Diesel Performance is committed to working with you to develop the power you need, and efficiently get your power to the ground. We provide a systematic approach to upgrading your Duramax that will reliably increase your power and enable you to tackle any tough job.

Only a few leading edge companies produce upgrade products for Duramax trucks, and ATS Diesel Performance is at the head of the Duramax upgrade pack! We are the only company that delivers a complete line of Duramax and Allison upgrade products including our TripleLok™ torque converter and high performance Allison valve body. Our TripleLok™ torque converter lockup clutches won't slip under any load. After all, what good is high horsepower if you can't get the power to the ground?

Duramax owners haul heavy loads and expect a lot from their trucks. ATS Diesel performance delivers the professional grade products you need to "get the job done."


Dual 4\" Stainless Exhaust 
for G.M. 6.6 Liter Duramax from 2001-2002
Don't think top dog, be top dog with dual 4\" mandrel bent stainless exhaust from rear of engine to two 5\" polished stainless tips


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4" Stainless Exhaust
for G.M. 6.6 Liter Duramax from 2001-2002
Complete 4" mandrel bent stainless exhaust from rear of engine to 5" polished stainless tip


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Torque Pro 2000 for All models of G.M. from All
A fantastic new system called the Torque Pro 2000 has been developed by Advanced Turbo Systems. The Torque Pro 2000 can be added to any turbo charged diesel engine. This system is extremely versatile and can be tailored to a driver\'s individual needs


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The TST POWERMAX™ fuel injection control computer for the GM Duramax® was designed from scratch to work with the Bosch® high pressure common rail fuel injection system on the Duramax® diesel engine. TST wanted a computer that would offer maximum power, torque, and fuel economy while still offering the best possible durability of the engine. TST started work on the Duramax® engine in December of 2000 and while many other competitors made it to market before us, we learned from their and our mistakes to offer the best product available. TST is the only diesel research company (40 years with Cummins Diesels) among the competition; all other competitors are electronics or spark ignition companies with little or no diesel background.

Many of the competitors hit the market with products that trick the high pressure common rail system into thinking its pressure was low, thus the stock engine computer would turn up rail pressure to compensate. While this adds a bit of power and torque, the rail pressure really was not low, but turning it up adds a severe toll on the failure rate of the fuel injection system. TST adds power and torque by increasing the injection pulse width time, and by advancing the timing of the start of injection. This makes the most power with the least rise in exhaust gas temperature, and the common rail pressure drops slightly. TST obtains a side benefit of improved fuel economy by advancing the injection timing. A few of the other competitors also advance timing, but none does it as smoothly as TST, thus our POWERMAX™ advances timing with no noticeable increase in noise or engine roughness.

Our power and torque increases are strictly limited by the automatic transmission or manual clutch, not by the engines ability to make power. While our POWERMAX™ computer has 9 power and 9 torque levels above stock. The automatic transmission can only handle about power level 4 and torque level 3. The stock manual clutch can only handle about power level 9 and torque level 6. Both the power and torque levels can be changed on the fly under load. We are working with both automatic and manual transmission parts suppliers to increase the power we can get to the rear wheels. TST currently claims up to 140 wheel horsepower and 360 torque above stock but these numbers were obtained on a 6 speed manual Duramax® with an aftermarket ceramic clutch.

The POWERMAX™ computer for the GM Duramax® includes a remote that allows the power and torque changes on the fly, plus the remote shows exhaust temperature and turbo boost pressure on its digital readout. The POWERMAX™ computer monitors exhaust temperature and automatically cuts back power if exhaust temperatures exceed the preset value. The default temperature is 1300 F. but the driver can change this setting up or down for their own situation. TST recommends not exceeding 1300 F exhaust temperatures when towing loads, but higher temperatures can be set for competition drag racing or sled pulling for very short durations.






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