Advanced Turbo Systems

Adjustable Orifice
Ford 7.3 Liter Diesel from 1994-2002
The ATS Torque Pro 2000® adjustable orifice is very unique in design and function. With the orifice installed, one can adjust gas flow from inside the cab. The orifice adjustment ranges from 0 flow to the flow of a 1/4” orifice. By having this adjustment at one’s fingertips, one can adjust for horsepower, exhaust temperature, or gas consumption and also indirectly diesel consumption. This lets one tailor mileage and flow to one's needs or desires.

One of the unique features that the adjustable orifice has is the ability to not only screw the knob to achieve the diesel flow, but the ability to lift the knob and take the orifice to the maximum opening for a burst of power, then release the knob and go back to a set position. This unit is very simple and works without a flaw.

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