Advanced Turbo Systems

IDI Ford Factory Turbo Upgrade
Ford 7.3 Liter Diesel from 1993-1994
While the 93-94 Ford factory turbo charged 7.3L diesel has great potential for making power, the choice of a restricted 21/2 exhaust system and a turbine housing which is on the verge of being too small limits the power and torque of your motor. ATS has the answer:

By changing the turbine housing, the outlet housing, and upgrading the exhaust to a full 3 mandrel bent system, you will start to realize the benefits you expected when you purchased your truck. The ATS turbine housing has a larger air ratio and better flow to reduce back pressure. The ATS 3 outlet housing allows the 3 exhaust to be attached directly to the turbo outlet instead of the factory 21/4 ID outlet. Reducing back pressure results in more power with less exhaust and lower water temperature.

With the ATS exhaust upgrade, fuel delivery and boost pressure may be adjusted to achieve gains of 50 horsepower. In addition to the ATS exhaust upgrade, an ATS Intercooler can be added for a 15-20% power gain while further reducing operating temperatures. The system comes complete with hardware, clamps, and hangers.

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