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Ford 7.3 IDI and 7.3 Power Stroke Diesel from All

The new Ford Power Stroke is an excellent engine for an intercooler. The Power Stroke has many features found only on industrial and heavy-duty commercial diesels, built from start to finish by Navistar engineers for power and durability. The Power Stroke produces 15-20 psi of manifold pressure that causes air intake temperatures to be higher than normal. Higher air intake temperatures reduce horsepower, engine efficiency, raises exhaust temperatures, and overall engine operating temperature.


The ATS intercooler system is designed to lower the compressed air temperature from the turbo, through the air-to-air intercooler and back into the intake. This is accomplished when a truck traveling at regular highway speeds, forces air through the heat exchanger (intercoolers are also sometimes called aftercoolers), causing the air to cool. Cooling the inlet air increases air density, maximizing engine performance. The inlet air temperature also lowers firing pressures and reduces stress on the engine.


The ATS intercooler for the Ford Power Stroke diesel, can reduce air intake temperatures over 200 degrees and lower exhaust temperatures over 150 degrees while towing. Theoretically, for every 10 degree drop in air intake temperature, an engine can increase performance 1%. For example, reducing the air intake temperature 200 degrees would equal (200 * 1%) a 20% gain in performance. In addition, lowering exhaust temperatures can increase engine efficiency, extend life and reduce engine operating temperatures. Testing the intercooler while towing has resulted in the ability to pull the same grade in the next highest gear at approximately 5 to 10 mph faster.




ATS designed their intercooler system with the same quality, performance, and ease of installation that ATS is known for in the diesel performance market. Mounting the ATS intercooler behind the openings in the front bumper allows for easier installation, and less cooling restriction to the radiator. This intercooler system is a true bolt-on that fits 2-wheel or 4-wheel drive models. Each ATS intercooler system includes all the necessary parts and step-by-step instructions. Approximate time of installation is 2-4 hours.

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