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A fantastic new system called the Torque Pro 2000 has been developed by Advanced Turbo Systems. The Torque Pro 2000 can be added to any turbo charged diesel engine. This system is extremely versatile and can be tailored to a driver\'s individual needs.

To give you an example you can adjust the Hobbs pressure switch between 3.1 to 7.8 psi. This will control whether the propane flows when you?re driving around town with an empty truck or when you?re fully loaded and working the truck.

You can also adjust the venturi and orifice sizes to control the volume of flow and at what RPM the propane flow begins.

And besides the system adjustments, the drive can turn the system on or off at any time, from inside the cab, by use of an easy to find illuminated toggle on/off switch.

Also the driver does not need to worry about turning the system on or off when he leaves the car, because the Torque Pro 2000 system will turn on or off automatically with the ignition switch.

It is totally up to the individual on how he wants to adjust and use the system. It can be used to increase the pulling power to blast over those long steep hills, or leave it on while driving around town or on the freeway to enhance fuel economy.

The reason that propane works so well with the diesel engine is because propane acts as a catalyst with the diesel fuel. By adding propane to the diesel fuel you will burn almost 100% of the diesel fuel, instead of the 75 to 80% of the fuel you now burn. That?s why there is such a dramatic increase in horsepower, torque, and fuel economy.

And because propane burns cooler and cleaner, your engine in turn will run cooler, cleaner and last longer. Also, engine response is much smoother and quicker when you add propane.

NOTE: We strongly recommend that you have a high flow exhaust system installed on your truck when using the Torque Pro 2000.

Safety Features:ATS has built many safety features into the Torque Pro 2000 system.

Fuel lock-off valve is place at the vaporizer inlet. This achieves quick and simple valve opening and closing. When the valve is closed, it takes less than one second to totally evacuate all gases from the engine, even when equipped with an intercooler.

The Torque Pro 2000 system must see at least 2? of negative water column (vacuum) to allow any gas vapor to flow to the engine.

The Torque Pro 2000 system also requires the engine to have at least 3 psi manifold pressure to open the fuel lock off valve. This pressure setting is adjustable up to 8 psi. This prevents wasting gas when going downhill or at reduced throttle settings. This accomplishes rapid gas evacuation.

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