Advanced Turbo Systems

Manual Power Controller
Dodge 5.9 12 Valve P-7100 Bosch Injection Pump from 1994-1998
The ATS power controller for the P-7100 Bosch injection pump fits 1994-1998 12 valve engines only. This power controller is a simple device that controls AFC (air fuel control housing) diaphragm movement, which ultimately controls engine fueling. The ATS power controller housing replaces the stock diaphragm cover. The manner in which this unit works is simple. ATS replaced the AFC diaphragm nut with a long hollow nut that has a ball end of a cable installed on the inside. The cable comes through the sealed housing into the long hollow nut. When the cable adjuster inside the cab has the cable at its loosest position, the AFC housing diaphragm is free to have full movement (fueling). As one tightens, or removes cable slack, diaphragm movement is then limited to whatever slack is left in the cable. Remember the power controller controls power only. It does not increase horsepower. Increase in horsepower is done through torque plates, injectors, exhaust, and so on. If one has large amounts of horsepower and torque it is very nice to sometimes reduce or control this power to help eliminate excessive exhaust smoke, increase fuel mileage or to simply reduce the potential for tire slippage on icy roads.

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