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Polaris Snowmobile Clutch Kit


Trail Performance Clutch Kit

The clutch kit to improve the efficiency and performance for trail riding, deep snow and two-up riding
Exceptional backshift charcteristics keep engine in the power band so the power is on-tap when you need it
Pulls harder out of the corner
Durable, high-quality helixes have been tested in a variety of conditions to provide optimal performance
Will not reduce engine reliability
Includes instructions & helix maintenance tips
For additional performance gains, the use of traction products is recommended
All kits designed for stock sled with stock pipe unless indicated
w/pipes = aftermarket pipes
Kits designed for altitudes 0-2000 ft.

See fitment chart below

Trail Kits Polaris






Code Name
85-TP1 Trail Kit
85-TP10 Trail Kit
85-TP13 Trail Kit
85-TP14 Trail Kit
85-TP15 Trail Kit
85-TP18 Trail Kit
85-TP19 Trail Kit
85-TP2 Trail Kit
85-TP20 Trail Kit
85-TP22 Trail Kit
85-TP24 Trail Kit
85-TP25 Trail Kit
85-TP26 Trail Kit
85-TP28 Trail Kit
85-TP3 Trail Kit
85-TP30 Trail Kit
85-TP31 Trail Kit
85-TP32 Trail Kit
85-TP35 Trail Kit
85-TP37 Trail Kit
85-TP38 Trail Kit
85-TP39 Trail Kit
85-TP4 Trail Kit
85-TP40 Trail Kit
85-TP41 Trail Kit
85-TP42 Trail Kit
85-TP43 Trail Kit
85-TP48 Trail Kit
85-TP5 Trail Kit
85-TP55 Trail Kit
85-TP56 Trail Kit
85-TP57 Trail Kit
85-TP6 Trail Kit
85-TP60 Trail Kit
85-TP64 Trail Kit
85-TP65 Trail Kit
85-TP7 Trail Kit
85-TP8 Trail Kit
85-TP9 Trail Kit

800 SKS 144" 03 TBA 85-TP65
800 XC Twin (VES) / Edge X 02-03 H-S-SS 85-TP48
800 XC SP (Twin) 01 H-S-SS 85-TP38
800 XCR 99-03 H-S-SS 85-TP35
800 RMK VES (Low Elevation) 02-03 H-W-S-SS 85-TP56
800 RMK (Low Elevation) 00-01 H-W-S-SS 85-TP39
800 Storm 94-98 H-S-W 85-TP1
750 Storm 93 H-S-SS 85-TP2
700 SKS 144" 03 TBA 85-TP64
700 XC SP (VES) / Edge X 01-03 H-S-SS 85-TP43
700 XCR (Triple/VES) 99 H-S-SS 85-TP40
700 RMK VES (Low Elevation) 02-03 H-W-S-SS 85-TP57
700 RMK (Low Elevation) 01 H-W-S-SS 85-TP41
700 XC/SKS/XC Deluxe/Edge 97-01 H-S-SS 85-TP24
700 SPX/XCR 96-98 H-S-SS 85-TP18
680 Ultra Std 96-98 H-S-SS 85-TP6
680 Ultra Std w/pipes 96-98 H-W-S-SS 85-TP15
650 Std/RXL 84-96 H-S-SS 85-TP3
650 Std/RXL w/pipes 84-96 H-W-S-SS 85-TP4
600 Pro X 01-02 H-S-SS 85-TP37
600 XC SP (VES) / Edge X 00-03 H-S-SS 85-TP37
600 XC SP (VES) Gen II 00 H-S-SS 85-TP26
600 RMK (VES) (Low Elevation) 02-03 H-W-S-SS 85-TP66
600 RMK (Low Elevation) 01 H-W-S-SS 85-TP42
600 XC/XC Deluxe 98-00 H-S-SS 85-TP25
600 XCR/SP (Triple Pipe) 96-98 H-S-SS 85-TP5
600 XCR (Single Pipe) 94-96 H-S-SS 85-TP7
600 XC (Triple Cylinder) 97 H-S-SS 85-TP22
600 XCR/XC w/pipes 94-97 H-W-S-SS 85-TP8
600 Triumph 00 H-S-SS 85-TP28
580/600 XLT 93-98 H-S-SS 85-TP9
580/600 XLT w/pipes 93-98 H-W-S-SS 85-TP10
550 Indy Super Sport 99-03 H-S-SS 85-TP60
500 XC SP (VES)/Edge X 00-03 H-S-SS 85-TP32
500 XC 99-03 H-S-SS 85-TP30
500 Indy Carb/EFI Thru 03 H-S-SS 85-TP13
488 Super Sport 97-98 H-S-SS 85-TP20
440 XC/XCR 97-98 H-W-S-SS 85-TP31
440 XC/XCR Thru 96 H-S-SS 85-TP14
440 XCF 99 H-S-SS 85-TP55
440 XCF 97-98 H-S-SS 85-TP19
Pro-Series Clutch Kit

Get the "EDGE" with the highest quality clutch kits on the market
Bolt on performance for aggressive trail riders, lake racers, road and ditch riders who like to be in front of the pack
The most aggressive acceleration that reaches top speed more quickly without losing engine dependability
Delivers in all areas, tremendous low-end and mid-range performance increases
Retains excellent backshifting and delivers stronger out of the corner pull
Keeps engine operating at correct RPM to keep power on tap when you need it
Each kit is tuned to it's specific application to ensure uncompromising performance
Helixes are made from the stronest Billet Aluminum
Use of traction products highly recommended with this product
All kits designed for stock sled with stock pipes unless indicated w/pipes
w/pipes = aftermarket pipes
Kits designed for altitudes 0-2000 ft


See fitment chart below

Pro Kits Polaris




Code Name
85-PR1 Pro Kit
85-PR3 Pro Kit
85-PR3P Pro Kit
85-PR4 Pro Kit
85-PR6 Pro Kit
85-PR6P Pro Kit
85-PR7 Pro Kit
85-PR7P Pro Kit
85-PR14 Pro Kit
85-PR15 Pro Kit
85-PR17 Pro Kit
85-PR16 Pro Kit
85-PR18 Pro Kit
85-PR22 Pro Kit
85-PR24 Pro Kit
85-PR25 Pro Kit
85-PR26 Pro Kit
85-PR30 Pro Kit
85-PR35 Pro Kit
85-PR37 Pro Kit
85-PR38 Pro Kit
85-PR40 Pro Kit
85-PR43 Pro Kit
85-PR47 Pro Kit
85-PR48 Pro Kit
85-PR55 Pro Kit
85-PR56 Pro Kit
85-PR57 Pro Kit
800 XC Twin (VES) 02 85-PR48
800 XC SP (Twin) 01 85-PR38
800 XCR Edge 02 85-PR47
800 XCR 99-01 85-PR35
800 RMK VES (Low Elevation) 02 85-PR56
800 Storm 94-98 85-PR1
700 XCR (Triple VES) 99 85-PR40
700 XC Edge (VES) 01-02 85-PR43
700 XC/SKS/XC Deluxe/Edge 97-01 85-PR24
700 SPX/XCR 96-98 85-PR18
700 RMK VES (Low Elevation) 02 85-PR57
680 Ultra Std 96-98 85-PR3
680 Ultra Std w/pipes 96-98 85-PR3P
650 Carb/RXL All 85-PR16
600 Pro-X/Edge X/XC SP 01-02 85-PR37
600 XC Edge 00-02 85-PR37
600 XC SP (VES) 00 85-PR26
600 XC Twin 98-99 85-PR25
600 XCR/SP (Triple Pipe) 96-98 85-PR4
600 XC (Triple Cylinder) 97 85-PR22
600 XCR (Triple Cylinder) 94-96 85-PR6
600 XCR w/pipes 94-97 85-PR6P
600 XLT 96-98 85-PR17
580/600 XLT 93-95 85-PR7
580/600 XLT w/pipes 93-98 85-PR7P
500 XC SP (VES)/Edge 00-02 85-PR15
500 Carb/EFI 96-00 85-PR14
500 XC 99-00 85-PR30
440 XCF 99 85-PR55


Lake Race Clutch Kit

Designed for hard acceleration with limited backshift
Requirements are:
1. You must be able to jet properly
2. You must be studded appropriately
3. You must be able to adjust your suspension for better traction
Kits designed for altitudes 0-2000 ft

See fitment chart below

Lake Race Kits Polaris






Code Name
85-LKR15 Lake Race Kit
85-LKR20 Lake Race Kit
85-LKR25 Lake Race Kit
85-LKR30 Lake Race Kit

Fits Model Year

Part #

800 XCR 99-02 85-LKR15
800 XC (VES) 02 85-LKR20
700 XC (VES) 01-02 85-LKR25
600 XC (VES) 01-02 85-LKR30


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