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To provide steering traction on hard packed or icy surfaces, carbide runners are an essential part of traction and control products.  Woody's carbide runners are designed to provide you with the added grip and turning ability you need for a variety of challenging conditions. Woody's manufactures their runners with the finest carbide and steel.  Extra long mounting bolts and flanged lock nuts allow for fast and easy installation.  Our exclusive Flat-Top® surface provides maximum support.  Our rear angle cut prevents catching when reversing or unloading. Balancing the length of carbide in your runner in ratio to the number of studs is a must.  The number of studs you put in your track will determine the length of carbide you will need on your skis.


              DOOLY RUNNERS

Woody’s engineering staff has designed the ultimate Dooly™ runner. A HOT PRODUCT for the 2003 Snowmobile season. The Dooly™ design has TWO 7/16” runners with 4”, 6” or 8” of turning carbide mounted on a plate to install on each ski. The 4” carbide is 90° while the 6” and 8” are 60°. A pair of Dooly’s™ creates four lines on the snow surface which will decrease darting of the snowmobile as it makes its own groove in the trail. Other features on each runner include hard weld at the front of each runner and 1 1/2” of carbide wear pad on the back. The 3/8”-16 mounting studs will ensure solid installation on the ski. Each Dooly™ runner packaged per piece.

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This is a popular runner for trail riding.  It has 4" of 90° turning carbide, with domed 1 1/2" carbide wear pads at each end of the full length hardweld.  Woody's offers the Extender Series to replace the manufacturer's stock runners for added cornering control, especially when the trail begins to get icy.  Our guideline for consideration of the Extender Series would be up to 72 studs installed in the track. This runner is for the trail rider looking for more performance in cornering power and control.  The turning carbide is 6" long with a 60° edge.  Hardweld covers the full length of the area between the turning carbide and the carbide wear pads.  It has a large 1/2" diameter bar for strength and 3/8" ski mounting bolts.  This runner is designed to use with 72 to 144 studs installed in the track.  It is essential that the track be studded when using this runner.


The Executive Series runner is designed for performance trail riders and cross-country racers.  The 8" of 60° carbide provides turning power for the experienced rider.  The carbide of this runner must be balanced with a studded track.  A guideline to follow would be to have 144 to 192 studs installed in your track before considering this performance bar on the trail or cross-country course. This premium performance carbide runner is designed for very energetic trail riders and cross-country racers, who demand superior cornering control.  The extra long 10" of turning carbide with a sharp 60° cutting edge, provide this control.  A high profile runner bar and full-length carbide wear pads protect the runner from premature wear.  This runner will handle heavily studded sleds- 192 or more studs for proper balance between the studs and this Ultra Series Bar.
Proper track studding is mandatory with the use of this runner.  Dangerous loss of snowmobile control may occur without the proper studding amount installed in the track to balance with the 10" of carbide in the runner.


Top-Stock is an economical hardweld runner designed for extreme service or utility applications.  The 1/2" host bar with a double pass of hardweld increases the depth of the runner to increase control.  Recommended for grass racing or deep snow and with 48 or fewer studs installed. The Shur-Steer™ carbide runner is a Woody's replacement for Polaris models equipped with Easy Steer runners. The three models available are:
► Shur-Steer Extender Trail II - 4" of 90° carbide & full length hardweld.

► Shur-Steer Trail Blazer IV - 6" of 60° carbide and full length hardweld.

► Shur-Steer Executive Series - 8" of 60° carbide and full length hardweld.

Some runner features cannot be offered due to ski configuration.

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