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Yamaha Pro Clutch Kit-Performance Upgrade

-For manual shift machines with automatic clutch.
-Longer lasting, anti-swelling plates provide smoother modulation.
-Increase holeshot acceleration.
-Turn big tires easier.
-Replaces worn OE components necessary for high performance.
-Kit works well with stock and oversized tires.
-Kit components vary by model.
Designed for any altitude.

See Fitment Chart Below

Pro Clutch Kit - Performance Upgrade






Code Name
85-WE391910 Pro Clutch Kit
85-WE391920 Pro Clutch Kit

Fits Model Year Part #
400 Kodiak 4x4 93-99 85-WE391910
400 Big Bear 2x4/4x4 00-02 85-WE391920

Yamaha Sport Utility Clutch Kit

Maximize the performance and response out of your ATV.
This clutch kit provides:
-increased acceleration
-enhanced backshifting
-less belt slippage
-maintain peak rpm
Improve your ATV's performance in the mud and with oversized tires.
All kits designed for stock ATV/bike with stock exhaust pipe
Kits designed for altitudes 0-2000 ft unless specified with elevation.

New! "Elevation" Kits designed for 2000-6000 ft.

See Fitment Chart Below

Sport Utility Kits







Code Name
85-WE391000 Sport Utility Kit
85-WE391005 Sport Utility Kit
85-WE391010 Sport Utility Kit
85-WE391020 Sport Utility Kit
85-WE391030 Sport Utility Kit
85-WE391040 Sport Utility Kit
85-WE391050 Sport Utility Kit
85-WE391060 Sport Utility Kit
85-WE395000 Sport Utility Elevation Kit
85-WE395010 Sport Utility Elevation Kit
85-WE395020 Sport Utility Elevation Kit
85-WE395030 Sport Utility Elevation Kit
85-WE395040 Sport Utility Elevation Kit
85-WE395050 Sport Utility Elevation Kit

Fits Model Year Part #
400 Kodiak-Stock Tires 00-03 85-WE391000
400 Kodiak-Oversized Tires 00-03 85-WE391005
450 Kodiak-Stock Tires 03 85-WE391050
450 Kodiak-Oversized Tires 03 85-WE391060
600 Grizzly-Stock Tires 98-01


600 Grizzly-Oversized Tires 98-01 85-WE391020
660 Grizzly-Stock Tires 02-03 85-WE391030
660 Grizzly-Oversized Tires 02-03 85-WE391040
"Elevation Kits"    
Fits Model Year Part #
400 Kodiak-Stock Tires 00-03 85-WE395000
400 Kodiak-Oversized Tires 00-03 85-WE395010
450 Kodiak-Stock Tires 03 85-WE395020
450 Kodiak-Oversized Tires 03 85-WE395030
660 Grizzly-Stock Tires 02-03 85-WE395040
660 Grizzly-Oversized Tires 02-03 85-WE395050

Yamaha ATV Clutch Springs

Secondary Springs

Designed from the highest quality material
All EPI springs manufactured using a 5% tolerance which is the lowest in the industry
Fits: 400 Kodiak, 600 Grizlly, and 660 Grizzly

See fitment chart below

Clutch Springs

Code Name
85-YDS1 Clutch Spring
85-YDS2 Clutch Spring

Color Part# 3" Load 1-3/4" Load
Blue 85-YDS1 160 lbs 280 lbs
Red 85-YDS2 160 lbs

250 lbs

Yamaha Clutch Weights (Rollers)

Fine tune your upshift/peak rpm on Yamaha automatic ATV's.
Comes in balanced sets of eight.
Plated for strength.

See Fitment Chart Below

Clutch Weights (Rollers)

Code Name
85-WE241012 Clutch Weights (Rollers)
85-WE241014 Clutch Weights (Rollers)
85-WE241016 Clutch Weights (Rollers)
85-WE241018 Clutch Weights (Rollers)
85-WE241020 Clutch Weights (Rollers)

Weight Part #
20 Grams 8pk 85-WE241020
18 Grams 8pk 85-WE241018
16 Grams 8pk 85-WE241016
14 Grams 8pk 85-WE241014
12 Grams 8pk 85-WE241012
Yamaha CV Boot Kit

High quality OE Replacement
Includes: CV Boot, Clamps & Grease
See fitment chart below.

CV Boot Kit

Code Name
85-WE130057 CV Boot Kit
85-WE130059 CV Boot Kit
85-WE130060    CV Boot Kit  

Fits Model Outboard Kit Inboard Kit
250 Timberwolf 94-00    
YFB250 4x4 W/68 LAC marked on inboard housing
85-WE130060 85-WE130057
YFB250 4x4 W/68 AC marked on inboard housing
85-WE130060 85-WE130059
350 Big Bear 89-97    

YMF350 4x4 W/68 AC marked on inboard housing

85-WE130060 85-WE130059
YMF350 4x4 W/68 LAC marked on inboard housing
85-WE130060 85-WE130057
350 Wolverine 95-98
YMF350 4x4 W/68 AC marked on inboard housing
85-WE130060 85-WE130059
YMF350 4x4 W/68 LAC marked on inboard housing
85-WE130060 85-WE130057
400 Kodiak 93-98
YMF400 4x4 W/68 AC marked on inboard housing
85-WE130060 85-WE130059
YMF400 4x4 W/68 LAC marked on inboard housing
85-WE130060 85-WE130057
600 Grizzly 98-99
YMF600 4X4
85-WE130060 85-WE130057

CV Joint Kit

Includes: CV Joint, Boot, Clamps & Grease
For front shaft unless specified (rear shaft)
See fitment chart below.

CV Joint Kit

Code Name
85-WE271000   CV Joint Kit  

Fits Model Year Part #
250 Timberwolf YBF250 4x4 94-98 85-WE271000
350 Big Bear YMF350 4x4 87-88
400 Kodiak YNF400 4x4 93-97

Yamaha Front Wheel Shaft (1/2 Shaft)
Excellent quality replacement part.
Includes: Outboard joint, Shaft, Inboard boot, Clamps & Grease.
Direct replacement for stock shaft.
Comes assembled, ready to install

See fitment chart below.

Front Wheel Shafts (Half Shaft)




Code Name
85-WE381420   Front Wheel Shaft (1/2 Shaft)   
85-WE381425 Front Wheel Shaft (1/2 Shaft)
85-WE381430 Front Wheel Shaft (1/2 Shaft)
85-WE381435 Front Wheel Shaft (1/2 Shaft)
85-WE381440 Front Wheel Shaft (1/2 Shaft)
85-WE381620 Front Wheel Shaft (1/2 Shaft)
85-WE381626 Front Wheel Shaft (1/2 Shaft)
85-WE381700 Front Wheel Shaft (1/2 Shaft)

Fits Model Left Side Right Side
660 Grizzly 03 85-WE381440 85-WE381440
660 Grizzly 02 85-WE381425 85-WE381440
600 Grizzly 99-01 85-WE381435 85-WE381435
600 Grizzly 98 85-WE381620


400 Big Bear 4x4 02-03 85-WE381425 85-WE381425
400 Kodiak (auto) 00-02 85-WE381430 85-WE381430
400 Kodiak (manual) 00 85-WE381430 85-WE381430
400 Kodiak (manual) 99 85-WE381420 85-WE381420
400 Kodiak (manual) 94-98 85-WE381626 85-WE381626
350/400 Big Bear 4x4 98-01 85-WE381420 85-WE381420
350 Big Bear 4x4 89-97 85-WE381626 85-WE381626
350 Wolverine 4x4 95-03 85-WE381700 85-WE381700
250 Timerwolf 4x4 94-00 85-WE381626 85-WE381626
ATV Yamaha Universal Joints

High quality OE replacement universal joints
Grease zerks on all universal joints
US or Japanese made
See fitment chart below









Code Name
85-WE100395    ATV UJoint   
85-WE100600 ATV UJoint

Fits Model Year Description Part #
250 Timerwolf 4x4 94-00 U-Joint for 85-WE100395
350 Wolverine 4x4 95-99 Front & Rear
350 Big Bear 87-99 of Front Shaft
400 Kodiak 93-00
600 Grizzly 98-99
350 Big Bear 87-01 U-Joint for 85-WE100600
350 Wolverine 4x4 95-01 Rear Shaft Only
400 Kodiak 93-99
600 Grizzly 98  
350 Big Bear 02 U-Joint for 85-WE100395
400 Kodiak 00-02 Rear Shaft Only  
600 Grizzly 99-01  
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