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Arctic Cat ATV Clutch Kit

Sport Utility Clutch Kit

Maximize the performance and response out of your ATV with the Sport Utility Clutch Kit
Efficiency that's designed into every kit to get the most out of your ATV
Improve the throttle response
Get better hole-shots, better low and mid-range acceleration
Less belt slippage
Enhanced back-shifting
Better power transfer to the tires
All kits designed for stock ATV/bike with stock exhaust pipe

Kits designed for altitudes 0-2000 ft unless specified with elevation.

New! "Elevation" Kits designed for 2000-6000 ft.


Clutch Kit

Code Name
85-WE490400 Sport Utility Kit
85-WE490410 Sport Utility Kit
85-WE490500 Sport Utility Kit
85-WE490510 Sport Utility Kit
85-WE491000 Sport Utility Elevation Kit
85-WE491010 Sport Utility Elevation Kit

Fits Models Year Part #
375 Auto-Stock Tires 02 85-WE490400
375 Auto-Oversized Tires 02 85-WE490410
400I Auto-Stock Tires 03 85-WE490400
400I Auto-Oversized Tires 03 85-WE490410
500I Auto-Stock Tires 01-03 85-WE490500
500I Auto-Oversized Tires 01-03 85-WE490510
"Elevation" Kits
Fits Models Year Part #
500I Auto-Stock Tires 01-03 85-WE491000
500I Auto-Oversized Tires 01-03 85-WE491010


Arctic Cat ATV Clutch Springs

Secondary Springs

Designed from the highest quality material
All EPI springs manufactured using a 5% tolerance which is the lowest in the industry

See fitment chart below

Clutch Springs








Code Name
85-CATV12 Clutch Spring - Secondary AC ATV

Color Part# 3-1/2" Load 2-1/4" Load
Yellow 85-CATV12 99 lbs 146 lbs


CV Joint Kit

Includes: CV Joint, Boot, Clamps & Grease
For front shaft unless specified (rear shaft)


See fitment chart below.

CV Joint Kit

Code Name
85-WE271050 CV Joint Kit

Fits Model Year Part #
454 Bear Cat (rear shaft) 96-98 85-WE271050


Arctic Cat Front Wheel Shafts (1/2 Shaft)


Excellent quality replacement part.

Includes: Outboard joint, Shaft, Inboard boot, Clamps & Grease.
Direct replacement for stock shaft.
Comes assembled, ready to install

See fitment chart below.

Front Wheel Shafts (Half Shafts)



Code Name
85-WE382453 Front Wheel Shaft (1/2 Shaft)
85-WE382527 Front Wheel Shaft (1/2 Shaft)
85-WE382539 Front Wheel Shaft (1/2 Shaft)

Fits Model Left Side Right Side
400 (auto) 4x4 03 85-WE382527 85-WE382527
400 (manual) 4x4 03
300 4x4
250 4x4

500 TBX 4x4 03 85-WE382539 85-WE382539
500i (auto) 4x4 02-03
500i (manual) 4x4 02-03
400i (auto) 4x4 03
400i (manual) 4x4 02-03
500 TBX 4x4 02 85-WE382453 85-WE382453
500 (auto) 4x4 02
500 (manual) 4x4 02
400 (manual) 4x4 02
375 (auto) 4x4 02
300 4x4 02
250 4x4 02


ATV Arctic Cat Universal Joints

High quality OE replacement universal joints
Grease zerks on all universal joints
US or Japanese made


See fitment chart below


Code Name
85-WE100600 ATV UJoint

Fits Model Year Description Part #
250 4x4 02 U-Joint for 85-WE100600
300 4x4 98-02 Front Shaft
400 4x4 97-02
400i 4x4 02
454 4x4 96-98
500 4x4 98-02
500i 4x4 02
500 Automatic 4x4 02
500i Automatic 4x4 02
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